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Hi, I’m a Japanese sensei called Masaty🇯🇵!

Those are online Japanese content below.

Lesson content

I customize the class content according to the level and goals of the students.

You will review using advance assignments and class notes, so you can demonstrate your results by continuing.

In addition, you can also consult about study methods and ask questions about studying abroad.


Daily Japanese conversation

By actually conversing in Japanese, you can learn useful expressions for studying abroad and traveling abroad. Also, you will get used to speaking in Japanese.

Qualification measures

We will thoroughly support you to obtain qualifications such as JLPT. 

Business Japanese

By learning formal Japanese phrases, you will learn Japanese that can be used in the business scene.

Japanese correction

Improve your writing skills and logical thinking skills through correction of diaries and sentence summaries.

If you would like to take a lesson, please send me on my Instagram!